Bipolar Disorder

July / August, 2008 | Vol: 6 Issue: 8

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Learning Objective

Learning Objectives, July-August 2008

This CME/CE activity is intended for psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychologists and other health care professionals with an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders.


Antidepressants and Bipolar Disorder: An Update

Much of what is confusing and controversial in the treatment of bipolar disorder revolves around the role of antidepressants. Are they dangerous or safe? Are they effective or ineffective? Does it matter whether the patient has Bipolar I or II?

Lamictal: What is it Good For?

Lamictal (lamotrigine) is immensely popular among American psychiatrists. A recent survey found that it is prescribed more frequently than any other mood stabilizer (Clin Psychiatry News, June 2008, page 1). Now that psychiatrists have become so comfortable with prescribing it, a disturbing question is gradually emerging from the fog of therapeutic enthusiasm. Is Lamictal actually effective?

Weight Gain and Mood Stabilizers

While we have become sensitized to worrying about weight gain caused by antipsychotics, this side effect does occur with standard mood stabilizers as well. Recently, a comprehensive literature review was published evaluating the weight gain liabilities of medications commonly used to treat bipolar disorder (Torrent et al., Acta Psychiatrica Scand 2008;118:4-18). Here is what they found.

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