Brain Devices


Neuroimaging of Mood Disorders

Most clinicians are familiar with the use of brain CT scans in an emergency situation. But what about other imaging modalities? How are they being employed to add to the understanding of mood disorders? And when might they be appropriate for general clinical use?

Do Devices Work for Depression?

The Carlat Psychiatry Report, Devices in Psychiatry, November 2012

In this article, the focus will be restricted to the following non-invasive technologies: transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS; magnetic seizure therapy (MST); transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation (t-VNS); and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).

VNS: Some Practical Information

If, after reviewing our admittedly lukewarm evaluation of the VNS data, you decide that you want to offer it to your patients, here’s some useful information.