Diagnostic Testing


How Do Psychotherapy and Medication Change the Brain?

We know that for many conditions, both medications and psychotherapy work about equally well. Common sense would dictate that there is some final common pathway of neuropsychiatric change underlying the symptomatic improvements we see. But identifying what is happening in a living human brain is extremely tricky.

Tests to Detect Malingering

Psychiatric conditions are easy to fake, because there are no truly objective tests for their diagnoses. The prevalence of malingered PTSD symptoms is hard to assess. The actual prevalence of ADHD malingering has never been formally studied, but the high rate of stimulant diversion on college campuses implies that the problem is significant.

The MoCA: A Better MMSE?

Most psychiatrists rely on the Folstein Mini Mental State Exam for a rapid, office-based neuropsychological assessment. But the MMSE has some serious limitations. A hot new test, called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) appears to work much better.