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Using Psychiatric Biomarkers in your Practice

Choosing the “right” treatment for a given patient involves a large number of factors, including personal preference—both the clinician’s and the patient’s.  Is there a better way?

Computer Assisted Psychiatry: An Introduction and Road Test

Computer Assisted Psychiatry: An Introduction and Road Test

There are plenty of ways that we use technology in psychiatric practice these days—including e-prescribing, electronic health records, referring patients to websites for psychoeducation, etc. But when was the last time you referred a patient to their computer for psychotherapy? Well, it may be time to consider it. 

Maintenance of Certification: What You Need to Know

Keeping up in Psychiatry - The Carlat Psychiatry Report (TCPR)

Since I last wrote about MOC in 2010, the most relevant news has not been within the program itself, but in the increasingly rancorous reaction against its requirements from physicians of all specialties. Regardless, it doesn’t look like ABPN is going to be ditching MOC any time soon, so this article pretty much lays out what you have to do, without (much) editorializing.

Research Update

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression

We have an abundance of medications to treat depression, but “treatment resistance” remains all too common. Accordingly, there has been a rise in the number of “augmentation” or “adjunctive” medications to address this population.

Can Instant Messaging Enhance Treatment Outcomes?

Whether you see your patients quarterly, monthly, or even weekly, you certainly are not with them as much as their cell phones are.

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Pros and Cons of Adopting an Electronic Health Record

The biggest policy issue related to EHRs is the financial incentives offered by the government.

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The GeneSight Genetic Test: A Review of the Evidence [Free Article]

Assurex Health recently sent me an email inviting me to dine at Legal Seafood to learn about “Clinical Applications of Psychiatric Pharmacogenetics.” I didn’t go, but increasingly I am hearing from colleagues about their experiences at these dinner programs: “What do you think about this GeneSight test? The data looked pretty impressive at this dinner.” 

Which Electronic Health Record Should You Buy? A Review of Three Products

The Carlat Report - Electronic Medical Records

There are a lot of electronic health record (EHR—also called electronic medical record, or EMR) companies vying for your hard earned cash. How do you decide among them?