Medical Comorbidities


Traumatic Brain Injury in Psychiatric Practice

Military Psychiatry - The Carlat Psychiatry Report (TCPR) - December 2014

Despite the increased attention drawn to TBI, I often hear statements from mental health providers like, “I don’t see anybody in my clinic who has a history of TBI,” or, “People with more severe injuries don’t seek mental health services.”

Drugs in the Pipeline: ALKS–5461

Since our feature article on “New Antidepressants” in the May 2012 TCPR, you may have heard some buzz about yet another new antidepressant undergoing clinical trials, this one with the less-than-sexy name ALKS-5461. Some news outlets have promoted it as “revolutionary.” What exactly is it?

Fatigue: Causes and Treatments

How often are you faced with patients who come to you with “I’m exhausted,” “I have no energy,” “I’m dragging,” or “I can’t stay awake”? If you’re like most psychiatrists, you see this often, and at times simply giving a sleep aid is an unsatisfying or ineffective solution.