Screening Tools and Tips

December, 2012 | Vol: 10 Issue: 12

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Learning Objective


Depression Rating Scales: Old Favorites and New Players

Screening Tools and Tips, The Carlat Psychiatry Report (TCPR), January 2013

Today there are many scales to choose from. Psychiatrists familiar with these tools will be better able to interpret clinical trial results and to employ them in assessing patients’ clinical progress. Here we review the most commonly used depression rating scales, as well as some newer web-based tools.

ADHD, Rating Scales, and Your Practice Today

You greet a new patient who complains of difficulty concentrating at work and is unable to “keep up” since making partner at a law firm or becoming an attending physician at a hospital. Is this an authentic case of a high-functioning person with undiagnosed adult ADHD, a subtle request for performance enhancement, or something altogether different?

Expert Q&A

PTSD in Veterans

PTDS is one of the greatest mental health concerns in veterans, but there is a stigma, among veterans, on issues related to seeking mental health services. Dr. Kean discusses effective screening methods, current findings and treatment options.

Research Update

Do NSAIDs Keep Antidepressants From Working?

Do you know what other medications your depressed patients are taking? You should. If they’re taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), they may be less likely to respond to SSRIs.