Antidepressant Roundup 2012

May, 2012 | Vol: 10 Issue: 5

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Learning Objective


Is It Possible that Antidepressants Really Don’t Work?

Antidepressant Roundup - The Carlat Psychiatry Report

A heated debate over how well psychiatric medications actually work has led some authorities in our field to suggest that psychiatry is currently experiencing a “crisis of confidence.”

Future Developments in Antidepressant Therapy

In 2011 in the pages of TCPR, we asked, “What’s new in antidepressant treatment?” The answer was “not much” (TCPR, April 2011). In 2012, unfortunately, the answer isn’t very different.

Expert Q&A

Predicting Antidepressant Response

I don’t think that there is any effective, proven way to predict medication response. I have been involved in research on biomarkers—we call them “response endophenotypes”—such as EEG, where we look at the physiologic response of the brain to a new drug and try to determine whether the drug will work for that patient.

Research Update

Can a Blood Test Diagnose Depression?

Psychiatrists have long wondered whether someday we might have an objective way to diagnose depression, in much the same way an internist orders a blood test or X-ray. A recent article suggests that just such a test might be on the horizon. Is it the real deal?