Risk Management

June, 2012 | Vol: 10 Issue: 6

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Learning Objective


Seven Clinical Pearls for Suicide Risk Assessment

Risk Management - The Carlat Psychiatry Report - June 2012

Assessing a patient’s risk of suicide is one of the most common, yet challenging, exercises for the psychiatrist.

Managing the Risk of Prescription Drug Abuse

We’ve all been taught not to prescribe addictive drugs to patients who will abuse them, but in the real world it is not always easy to tell who those patients are or to manage the resulting problems.

Expert Q&A

How to Reduce Risk for You and Your Patients

What are some ways clinicians can minimize the risks to patients and their own liability in psychiatric practice? Dr. Paul Appelbaum explores risk management in clinical practice in this month’s Q&A.

Research Update

Patient Preference Not a Good Predictor of Treatment Response

Do patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) respond better when psychiatrists offer the type of treatment—medication or psychotherapy—that the patient prefers?

Text Messaging Effective for Appointment Reminders

No one seems to be without a cell phone these days, so it only makes sense that we should start using these devices to carry out tasks that we used to do in a more “old-fashioned” way.