Eating Disorders

September, 2012 | Vol: 10 Issue: 9

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Learning Objective


Eating Disorder Treatment Challenges

Eating Disorders - The Carlat Report (TCPR), October 2012 Issue

An eating disorder is a terrible thing to live with. But diagnosis can be difficult, especially if you simply focus on diagnostic criteria.

Eating Disorder Treatment Resources

Online resources for the treatment of eating disorders

Eating Disorders as Addictions

We all know that substance abuse and dependence are serious, difficult-to-treat conditions. But ideas about what exactly constitutes substance abuse and addictions are changing.

Expert Q&A

Helping Patients with Eating Disorders

When is hospitalization necessary for a patient with an eating disorder? And what are the benefits of care in this setting? Dr. Schwartz discusses the finer points in this Expert Q&A.

Research Update

Study Looks at Use of TMS to Treat Depression

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, was approved by the FDA for treatment of major depression in October 2008. A newly published observational study evaluating the effectiveness of TMS treatment in more than 300 patients at 42 clinical settings across the United States has found that most patients responded well to this intervention, with few adverse effects (Carpenter LL et al, Dep Anx 2012;29(8):587–596).

Parasite Infection Possible Precursor to Suicidal Behavior

A major thrust of much psychiatric research is to identify predictors of suicidality, in hopes of intervening earlier to prevent this devastating outcome. In a recent study, a Danish group made a surprising contribution to this endeavor by identifying Toxoplasma gondii infection as a possible precursor to suicidal behavior.

Study Suggests DCS Not Effective in PTSD Treatment

A new study, however, finds that DCS does not improve treatment responses in patients undergoing prolonged exposure therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.