Medicolegal Topics

March, 2013 | Vol: 11 Issue: 3

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Measuring the Quiet Man: Estimating Risk of Violence

The Carlat Psychiatry Report (TCPR) - Medicolegal Topics

In the aftermath of a tragic event carried out by an individual with a psychiatric history, descriptions of the perpetrator as being in some way “off” or “quiet” have almost become cliché. And those clichés, when we inevitably compare them to our own patients, make many of us nervous.

Fighting in the Trenches: A Practical Guide to Violence Risk Assessment and Management

Dealing with potentially violent patients is daunting, but we can play an effective role in assessing and reducing violence risk. In this article I’ll discuss some practical techniques to help you accomplish this in everyday practice.

Expert Q&A

Patients, Families, and the Legal System

The legal system can provide much-needed help to psychiatry patients and their families. Forensic psychiatrist Annette Hanson, MD, expertly explains legal options such as mental health courts and guardianship.

Research Update

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression

We have an abundance of medications to treat depression, but “treatment resistance” remains all too common. Accordingly, there has been a rise in the number of “augmentation” or “adjunctive” medications to address this population.