Autism Spectrum Disorder

June, 2013 | Vol: 11 Issue: 6

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Learning Objective


Autism Spectrum Disorder: DSM-5 Changes, Epidemiology, and Outcomes

Austism Spectrum Disorder - The Carlat Psychiatry Report (TCPR)

DSM-5, published in 2013, includes a new, all-encompassing category, “autism spectrum disorder” (ASD), which incorporates autism and a number of autism-related disorders, including Asperger’s syndrome.

Outpatient Psychiatric Care for Developmental Disabilities

ASD occurs in one out of 50 school children and at least 1% of older adults. About one third of people with developmental challenges have other mental health difficulties, and these patients are often referred to general outpatient psychiatric services for assessment and management.

Expert Q&A

Employment for Adults with Autism

Help your patients with autism and other developmental disabilities find compatible and fulfilling jobs with these great tips from Dr Scott Standifer, author of “Adult Autism & Employment: A guide for vocational rehabilitation professionals.”

Research Update

Belief in God Improves Treatment Outcomes

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation usually includes questions about a patient’s spirituality and religious beliefs, but there is little research to show whether or how spiritual or religious factors may contribute to mental health. A recent study demonstrates that belief in God is significantly associated with better treatment outcomes, although the reasons for this connection remain unknown.