October, 2011 | Vol: 9 Issue: 10

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The Psychotherapy of Bipolar Disorder and the Moment of Truth

If you treat patients with bipolar disorder, then you have reached what I call the moment of truth. Your patient has been doing so well, she’s not even sure she still has a psychiatric problem. This is one of the many opportunities for psychotherapy in bipolar disorder—in this case, helping your patient to come to terms with her illness.

Antidepressants Versus Psychotherapy for Depression [Subscribers Only]

Research has generally found that both antidepressants and psychotherapy offer similar efficacy in the short-term, but that after treatment discontinuation, results are better with psychotherapy.

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Research Update

CBT Outperforms IPT in Social Phobia Trial

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) works better than placebo and as well or better than fluoxetine for social anxiety disorder (SAD).

Is One Antipsychotic Just as Effective as Two?

Using combination antipsychotic treatment has become more common over the years, presumably reflecting a common sense theory that in refractory patients, two medications might be more effective than one. But studies thus far of the practice have been small and inconclusive.