Electronic Medical Records

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December, 2011 | Vol: 9 Issue: 12

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Which Electronic Health Record Should You Buy? A Review of Three Products [Subscribers Only]

TCPR, January 2012, Electronic Health Records

There are a lot of electronic health record (EHR—also called electronic medical record, or EMR) companies vying for your hard earned cash. How do you decide among them?

Financial Incentives to Adopt an EHR, or How to Claim Your $44,000

Most of you have probably heard about “meaningful use” and federal incentives to get going with an electronic health record. But how applicable is this for psychiatrists?

Index and Articles in Volume 9, 2011 TCPR

An Index to articles and topics covered in Volume 9, 2011 TCPR

Expert QA

Pros and Cons of Adopting an Electronic Health Record

The biggest policy issue related to EHRs is the financial incentives offered by the government.

Research Update

Off-Label Use of Antipsychotics Effective for Some Indications

Over the past decade or so, atypical antipsychotic use has exploded, for both FDA approved indications and off-label treatments. A recent meta-analysis examined the efficacy (when compared to placebo), comparative effectiveness (when compared to another medication), and safety of atypicals.