Drug-Drug Interactions

February, 2011 | Vol: 9 Issue: 2

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Learning Objective


Drug Interactions in Psychiatry: A Practical Review

In this article we’ll survey those drug interactions that are most likely to become troublesome in day to day psychiatric practice.

Expert QA

Drug-Drug Interactions

It seems that drug-drug interactions (DDI) were in our profession’s consciousness more in the past than they are now. Is this because we have less to worry about than we used to?

Research Update

Atypicals No Better Than Typicals in Depression with Schizophrenia

Second generation antipsychotics have developed a reputation for being more effective for treating a number of the symptoms of schizophrenia than their first generation counterparts, even if research doesn’t always back up this claim.

Should We Give Patients the Treatment They Request?

Since antidepressants and psychotherapy are about equally effective for mild to moderate depression, how do we decide which to use for a given patient?