Antidepressant Roundup 2011

April, 2011 | Vol: 9 Issue: 4

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Learning Objective


Four “New” Antidepressants. Or Are They? [Subscribers Only]

What’s new in antidepressant treatment? Not much.

Expert QA

Working With Primary Care Physicians in Treating Depression

In terms of starting new patients on antidepressants, PCPs do most of the prescribing.

Research Update

Long-Term Exercise May Extend Remission in Depression

Regular exercise can extend remission from major depression, regardless of whether remission was initially achieved through exercise or medication, a new study suggests.

Antidepressants Found Ineffective for Subthreshold Depression

Many patients come into our offices feeling demoralized or unhappy, but without meeting the full diagnostic criteria for major depression or dysthymia.

Are Depot Antipsychotics More Effective than Oral Meds? Maybe

Clinical folklore (and occasional drug reps) have suggested that depot antipsychotics have adherence advantages over their oral counterparts.