Managing Side Effects

May, 2011 | Vol: 9 Issue: 5

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Learning Objective


Side Effect Management [Subscribers Only]

Let’s face it, dealing with side effects is not high on the list of “things we like most about psychiatry."

Serotonergic Antidepressants and Abnormal Bleeding

Do SSRIs and SNRIs cause bleeding? Several review articles have been published about it, and patients are beginning to ask us about it. What’s the scoop?

The Carlat Side Effects Scale

Use this scale to keep better track of your patients side effects

Expert QA

Talking About Side Effects With Your Patients

In my research, I learned that our patients are underreporting side effects and we are underdetecting them.

Research Update

IPT for Patients with Early Trauma Histories?

We know that psychotherapy is generally effective for depression, but we don’t really know which depressed patients will respond better than others.

Antipsychotics May Shrink Brains of Schizophrenics

A study has been published that appears to show that antipsychotic treatment actually shrinks the brain.