Neurotransmitters in Psychiatry

July, 2006 | Vol: 4 Issue: 7

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Antidepressants: Does Mechanism Matter?

While it’s certainly interesting to theorize about neurotransmitters and antidepressants, the recent STAR*D findings bring up a difficult topic: Does mechanism matter?

Dopamine: Getting Reaquainted

Dopamine is the new serotonin: everyone is talking about it. Depending on what authority you read, dopamine is central to schizophrenia, ADHD, depression, sexuality, and cognition.

"It's Anticholinergic" - What does that mean?

Anticholinergic-speak is endemic in psychiatry. Since it’s unlikely to go away, we invite you to buff up your knowledge of acetylcholine (ACh) and to review the many ways in which it makes an appearance in clinical practice.

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