Descartes Li, MD

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Clinical associate professor of psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco

Using Lithium in Bipolar Disorder: A Primer [Subscribers Only]

Currently, lithium is FDA approved for both acute mania and for maintenance bipolar treatment, but not for bipolar depression. Lithium is dirt-cheap and the size of its database for efficacy in bipolar disorder is unmatched by any other medication, although many of these studies are old.

The Psychotherapy of Bipolar Disorder and the Moment of Truth

If you treat patients with bipolar disorder, then you have reached what I call the moment of truth. Your patient has been doing so well, she’s not even sure she still has a psychiatric problem. This is one of the many opportunities for psychotherapy in bipolar disorder—in this case, helping your patient to come to terms with her illness.

Current Issues in Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis: The Life Course Method

How should we diagnose bipolar disorder? It isn’t always easy and current bipolar screening tools are problematic for a number of reasons.