Technology and Psychiatric Practice

December, 2006 | Vol: 4 Issue: 12

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Handheld Drug Information: Which Software Works Best?

It's another hectic day in the office. You are evaluating a complicated new patient, who presents with multiple medical and psychiatric problems. Over the next 50 minutes, you're going to have to make a number of medication decisions, and you don't have the time to dig around in your bookcase, nor have you spent enough time in the gym to be able to heave around your PDR. You need all the relevant information in one spot, and you'd prefer to access it while you are sitting and talking to your patient.

E-prescribing: The Time is Now!

Electronic prescribing allows you to write prescriptions from your computer, and either print them or, in some areas, transmit them directly to a pharmacy. There are many advantages to the practitioner and the patient.

Internet Resources for Psychiatrists

You’ve probably heard that looking for something on the internet
is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant…. We’ve made it a bit
easier by describing a few of our favorite websites.

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