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Pros and Cons of Using Oxcarbazepine over Carbamazepine

By: zdavis | August 28th , 2020 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog| 1 Comment

Does the limited research support that oxcarbazepine is a safer and more effective treatment for bipolar disorder than its FDA-approved cousin, carbamazepine? Here is an overview of the pros and cons from a previous article in The Carlat Psychiatry Report. Pros: Similar effectiveness as other mood stabilizers. In mania and mixed states, hypomania,

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Antidepressants in Bipolar [60 Sec Psych]

By: jives | May 28th , 2020 | Podcast| 0 Comment

Do they help? Do they harm? And can mood stabilizers protect patients who take them? A review of Bahji A, Ermacora D, Stephenson C, Hawken ER, Vazquez G. Comparative efficacy and tolerability of pharmacological treatments for the treatment of acute bipolar depression: A systematic review and network meta-analysis. J Affect Disord. 2020;269:154‐184.

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Top Lifestyle Tips for Depression and Bipolar

By: jives | March 16th , 2020 | Podcast| 0 Comment

How do you make the most of brief therapy during a medication visit? Chris Aiken, MD, pulls a few of his favorite interventions from his new book, The Depression and Bipolar Workbook. Date Published: 3/16/20 Duration: 20 minutes 24 seconds

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The Choice: Oxcarbazepine or Carbamazepine in Bipolar

By: jives | March 9th , 2020 | Podcast| 0 Comment

Is oxcarbazepine really a kinder, gentler mood stabilizer? We dig through the published and unpublished trials and talk with Dr. Tammas Kelly, a psychiatrist who’s found a niche for the anticonvulsant. Published on: 3/9/2020 Duration: 15 minutes, 9 seconds

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