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Cannabis and Kids

By: jives | December 16th , 2019 | Podcast| 0 Comment

Child psychiatrists are grappling with the problem of pervasive use of marijuana in an age where legalization of use for adults has led to even greater use in teens. In this episode, Dr. Feder and Mara go over two recent interviews in The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report with Gabriella Gobbi, MD, PhD, of McGill University and Elizabeth D’Amico, P

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Tips on Marijuana Use Disorder

By: jives | March 20th , 2019 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog| 0 Comment

Regardless of where you practice, you'll increasingly hear patients acknowledging regular marijuana (MJ) use, sometimes as a "medical treatment" for conditions ranging from back pain to ADHD. You might want to remind your patients that, whether legal or not, marijuana is still a drug with potential negative consequences. Here are some quick MJ bullet po

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