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Cognitive Rehabilitation for Youth With Psychotic Disorders

By: jives | May 14th , 2020 | Podcast| 0 Comment

Psychotic disorders in children and adolescents include a range of neuropsychiatric problems related to the multitude of underlying neurophysiological differences and the problems created by these differences. Chief among these are cognitive impacts. This interview helps outline and give guidance for managing these cognitive problems related to both

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Does Cognition Improve When You Treat Sleep Apnea? [60 Sec Psych]

By: jives | May 9th , 2020 | Podcast| 0 Comment

Introducing 60 Second Psych, a series of super short episodes presenting bottom line assessments of useful studies in psychiatry. Before you tell your patient how good they're going to feel once they get that sleep apnea treated, check out this review of Wang ML, Wang C, Tuo M, et al. Cognitive Effects of Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Meta-An

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Do Antipsychotics Improve Cognition?

By: jives | May 27th , 2019 | Podcast| 0 Comment

Unlike the typical antipsychotics, atypicals improve both cognitive and psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia, so they must have procognitive effects of their own that can be harnessed in mood disorders, ADHD, and even dementia. The problem is that the data show the opposite. Publication Date: 5/27/19 Runtime: 8 mins, 35 seconds Article Reference

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