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Agitation in Dementia (Part 2)

By: jives | February 20th , 2020 | Podcast| 0 Comment

Families bring difficult questions when their loved one has dementia, and in this interview with Cathy Howard, RN, we’ll show you how to answer some of them. We also delve into the nonpharmacologic approaches to agitation in dementia to learn what they look like in real life. Published On: 2/20/20 Duration: 8 minutes, 9 seconds Article

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Agitation in Dementia (Part 1)

By: jives | February 17th , 2020 | Podcast| 0 Comment

Nuedexta. A 60 year old cough medicine gets approve for uncontrollable crying, but the drug company has its eyes on a bigger target: Agitation in dementia. Follow the trail of pseudoscience, bribery, and indictments, and learn a few clinical pearls about this dextromethorphan-quinidine combination along the way. Published On: 2/17/20 Duration: 15

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Do Antipsychotics Improve Cognition?

By: jives | May 27th , 2019 | Podcast| 0 Comment

Unlike the typical antipsychotics, atypicals improve both cognitive and psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia, so they must have procognitive effects of their own that can be harnessed in mood disorders, ADHD, and even dementia. The problem is that the data show the opposite. Publication Date: 5/27/19 Runtime: 8 mins, 35 seconds Article Reference

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Evaluating Memory Loss in Patients

By: jives | May 1st , 2019 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog| 0 Comment

The old rule of thumb used to be that “you don’t need to worry about the person who’s worried about their memory; you need to worry about people who aren’t worried.” Although that might still be true for people already with dementia, it’s important that you pick up on memory problems at the mild cognitive impairment stage. The Carlat Psychia

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