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How To Prevent a Lethal Clozapine Side Effect

By: zdavis | August 16th , 2020 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog| 0 Comment

Gastric hypomotility is a common clozapine side effect that can develop into the potentially lethal condition of paralytic ileus. Dr. Aiken’s covered these risks in The Carlat Psychiatry Report. Here’s what you need to know. Dangers of Paralytic Ileus: Hypomotility is very common. Clozapine is the worst offender out of any other antipsychoti

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Research Theme Park: Foodland

By: jives | May 25th , 2020 | Podcast| 2 Comment

Blueberries, walnuts, tea, salt, and the Mediterranean diet are featured in this playful but practical stroll through the latest research on food and the brain. Published On: 5/25/20 Duration: 10 minutes, 1 seconds Diet for Depression: Vegetables (5 servings per day), fruits (2–3 per day), wholegrain cereals (3 per day), protein (lean me

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Research Theme Park: Sugarland

By: jives | March 23rd , 2020 | Podcast| 0 Comment

A new study finds that sugar makes people feel worse - not just in the long term but in the short term as well. We interview the lead investigator Dr. Konstantinos Mantantzis and ponder the mystery of how something that makes us feel so bad creates such intense cravings. Published on: 3/23/2020 Duration: 16 minutes, 53 seconds

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Editor's Choice: An Antidepressant Diet Expert Q&A

By: jives | July 11th , 2019 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog| 0 Comment

I was a reader of The Carlat Psychiatry Report before I was an editor, and there were two things that led me to subscribe to it: 1) They cover topics that get missed in the psychiatric press, like practical tips and treatments that aren't backed by a promotional budget. 2) They give the big picture and the nitty gritty. Instead of reciting the researc

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