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Calming Violent, Aggressive Patients

By: jives | June 17th , 2019 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog| 0 Comment

In many cases, it will be immediately clear when an aggressive patient needs to be sent to the ER, says Ruth Gerson, MD, Director at the Bellevue Hospital Children’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program in New York, NY. If a patient is hurting people, including himself, and you determine a clear and present danger, immediately arrange transport

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Options for Calming a Highly Agitated Child

By: jives | May 5th , 2019 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog| 0 Comment

An 11-year-old boy, who was admitted for suicidal ideation, is angry and wants to go home. He is marching up and down the hallways, screaming and flailing his arms in a menacing manner. You realize that medication to sedate him might be necessary, but you’re also considering a behavioral intervention. How do you handle either approach? Here are som

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