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Daniel in the Pharma Den

By: jives | July 22nd , 2019 | Podcast| 0 Comment

20 years ago, Danny Carlat signed up to speak for the pharmaceutical industry. Through closed-door meetings and lavish "faculty development programs," he learned how to present their product's data in the most convincing way. The only problem was that he couldn't convince himself, and his industry handlers started to worry that Dr. Carlat was unwell.

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Cash, Guns, and a Lap Dancing Drug Rep

By: jives | May 20th , 2019 | Podcast| 0 Comment

Earlier this month, five Insys Therapeutics pharmaceutical executives were found guilty of racketeering for their attempts to bribe doctors to prescribe the company's Subsys fentanyl spray, which was approved as a pain reliever for cancer patients, to people who didn't even need it. Their scheme included strippers, guns, cash, and even a rap video i

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