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Reimagining ADHD with Edward Hallowell, MD

November 30, 2020 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog

While medication is the mainstay of treating symptoms in ADHD, Edward Hallowell, MD, shares a positive, relationship-based approach to ADHD with practical strategies to help children and adolescents manage ADHD. Published On: 11/30/2020 Duration: 18 minutes, 10 seconds Related Article:...

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Perimenopausal Depression

October 19, 2020 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog

We interview Rita Nunacs on perimenopausal depression, and our word of the day – processomania – brings us into the crosshairs of politics and psychiatry. Published On: 10/18/20 Duration: 24 minutes, 42 seconds Article Referenced: "Mood and Menopause," The Carlat Psychiatry Podcast, October...

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