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Medication treatment for ADHD

March 28th , 2019 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog | 75 Comment

Choosing and prescribing the right medications for treating ADHD can be challenging. The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report spoke with Anne Buchanan, DO, Child psychiatrist at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, about her approach. She offers the following tips.When choosing...

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Tips on Vitamins in Psychiatry

March 22nd , 2019 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog | 0 Comment

In The Carlat Psychiatry Report's 2016 update on Complementary Alternative Medicine, Dr. Lila Massoumi, an expert in integrative psychiatry, gives provides a timely and practical overview of the vitamins, supplements, and herbal adaptogens that you should consider prescribing. As a...

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Tips on Marijuana Use Disorder

March 20th , 2019 | The Carlat Psychiatry Blog | 0 Comment

Regardless of where you practice, you'll increasingly hear patients acknowledging regular marijuana (MJ) use, sometimes as a "medical treatment" for conditions ranging from back pain to ADHD. You might want to remind your patients that, whether legal or not, marijuana...

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