Please fill out the evaluation of this activity. While this is optional, it will help us to ensure that we create resources to continuously improve your clinical practice. It also helps us to comply with ACCME guidelines so that we can continue to offer high quality, non-industry funded CME.

1. Choose the activity you are evaluating.
2. Did the content of this activity meet the stated learning objectives listed at the beginning of the CME post-test?
3. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, how do you rank the overall quality of this educational activity?
4. As a result of meeting the learning objectives of this educational activity, will you be changing your practice behavior in a manner that improves your patient care?
5. Please explain:
6. Did you perceive any evidence of bias for or against any commercial products?
7. If "Yes" to the above question, please explain.
8. How long did it take you to complete this CME activity, including reading the book and completing the CME post-test?
9. How much did you learn as a result of this CE program?
10. How useful was the content of this CE program for your practice or other professional development?
11. Please share any feedback you might have on this activity.
12. Important for our planning: Please state one or two topics that you would like to see addressed in future clinical resources.