The Carlat Hospital Psychiatry Report (CHPR) Editorial Information

Publisher: Daniel Carlat, MD

Editor-in-Chief: Victoria Hendrick, MD, Chief of Inpatient Psychiatry and Clinical Professor, UCLA Medical Center

Deputy Editor: Talia Puzantian, PharmD, BCPP, professor, Keck Graduate Institute School of Pharmacy, Claremont, CA

Executive Editor: Janice Jutras

Editorial Board:

Timothy Botello, MD, Chief of inpatient psychiatry at University of Southern California – County Hospital

Jeff Cardenas, MD, Emergency Room Director, UCLA Medical Center

Adrienne Grzenda, MD, Psychiatrist, UCLA Medical Center

Anne Li, MD, Inpatient psychiatrist, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, Boston, MA

Alexander Thompson, MD, MBA, MPH, FAPA

Sandra Hyams, PMHNP, Psychiatric nurse practitioner, Mayo Clinic, MN

Olga Osokina MD, Psychiatrist, Brockton VA Medical Center, MA

All editorial content is peer reviewed by the editorial board. Dr. Carlat, Ms. Jutras,  Dr. Hendrick, Dr. Botello, Dr. Cardenas, Dr. Grzenda, Dr. Li, Dr. Thompson, Ms. Hyams, and Ms. Osokina have disclosed that they have no relevant financial or other interests in any commercial companies pertaining to this educational activity. This CME/CE activity is intended for psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, and other health care professionals with an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

As of March 2021