Behavioral Addictions (December)

Date of Issue: 12/01/2014 | Volume: 2 | Number: 8

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How to Diagnose and Treat Gambling Disorder

Topics: Addiction | Free Articles

Your typical patient with a gambling disorder may not fit yesterday’s stereotype.

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Suboxone Formulations: And Then There Were Five

Topics: Addiction

First approved in 2002, Suboxone, a sublingual pill, was undoubtedly a breakthrough in opiate addiction treatment—especially as compared to methadone. Unlike methadone, Suboxone could be prescribed in the office and filled at pharmacies, freeing patients from the shackles of the methodone lifestyle and its required daily clinic visits.

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Expert Q&A

Internet Gaming Disorder: A New Addiction

Topics: Bipolar Disorder

Learn about Internet gaming disorder, the problems it causes patients, and the best way to treat it, in an interview with Nancy Petry, PhD.

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