Families and Substance Abuse (January/February)

Date of Issue: 01/01/2016 | Volume: 4 | Number: 1

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The role of using patients' families in helping to treat substance use disorders is complicated, but it can also be highly effective. In this issue, we identify some of the ways that family dynamics can not only negatively affect the family member who is addicted, but how bringing the family together can help with the treatment plan. In that, we feature an inteview with Stephanie Brown, PhD, who reveals tips on how you can involve the family.

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Addiction and Family: What You Need to Know

Topics: Addiction | Free Articles | Substance Abuse

The addiction field has clearly become less enamored with terms such as codependency. This article brings you up to date on some tried and true approaches for working with the families of patients with substance use disorders (SUD).

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Expert Q&A

Alcohol Addiction: The Role of Families in Treating Patients

Topics: Addiction | Substance Abuse

Dr. Brown is a pioneer in understanding the interplay of family dynamics and addiction. She discusses addiction cases and how how family influences treatment methods for substance abuse.

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News of Note

Intranasal Naloxone Product Approved by FDA

Topics: Addiction | Substance Abuse

The opioid antagonist, naloxone, was first approved for opioid overdose treatment in 1971 and is available as an inexpensive injectable generic. In recent years, emergency responders have been using more easily administered intranasal version of naloxone.

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