Substance Use in Health Professionals (March/April)

Date of Issue: 03/01/2020 | Volume: 8 | Number: 2

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When it comes to addiction treatment, health professionals pose unique challenges as a patient population. Dr. Paul Earley frames the offerings of physician health programs and we appraise their efficacy. We also examine a trial of shaming for cigarette reduction and a cohort study that identifies opportunities for opioid overdose risk reduction.

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Clinical Update

Reducing the Stigma of Addiction Through Language and Terminology

Topics: Disparities | Engagement | Opioid Use Disorder | Stigma

Specific terms and phrases, when used among health professionals, can lead to more punitive treatment plans and increased stigma perceived by patients. Learn the evidence base behind recent recommendations among medical societies, journals, and periodicals to use more person-centered language.

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Expert Q&A

Personal Privacy Versus Public Safety: Addiction Among Health Professionals

Topics: Abstinence | Addiction Treatment | Alcohol use disorder | Free Articles | Legal issues | Opioid Use Disorder | Special populations

Dr. Paul Earley, president-elect of the Federation of Physician Health Programs, outlines the offerings of physician health programs, how to engage yourself or colleagues in treatment, and how treatment may interface with medical boards.

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Clinical Update

Learning From the Successes of Physician Health Programs

Topics: Abstinence | Addiction Treatment | Alcohol use disorder | Legal issues | Opioid Use Disorder | Special populations

Physician health programs have boasted high rates of treatment retention and abstinence rates, yet have also been the targets of criticism. Here we review what the practicing clinician can learn from these programs and describe current controversies.

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Research Update

Stigmatizing Smoking: An Effective Deterrent?

Topics: Prevention | Public health | Stigma | Tobacco use disorder

In a randomized controlled trial, researchers tested a statement that invokes shame in people who smoke cigarettes and measured how it impacts the time until they smoke the next cigarette.

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Research Update

Predicting and Preventing Fatal Opioid Overdoses

Topics: Opioid epidemic | Overdose | Prevention

In addition to when we prescribe opioids, there are other opportunities and interactions patients have with the health care system upon which we can intervene to mitigate overdose risk. This study describes some of those opportunities, many of which happen every day in addiction clinics.

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Quick hits about what's in this issue.

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CME Post-Test

CME Post-Test - Substance Use in Health Professionals, CATR, March/April 2020

Topics: CME Post-Test

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