Social Aspects of Addiction (September/October)

Date of Issue: 09/01/2020 | Volume: 8 | Number: 6

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Substance use disorders occur in social contexts. In this issue, we explore how loneliness and faith impact the risk of addiction, and examine how the COVID-19 pandemic may drive unhealthy gambling and shopping behaviors. Plus, new data on the effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous.

In This Issue

Clinical Update

Despair, Loneliness, and Substance Use Disorders

Topics: Alcohol | Alcohol use disorder | Opioid Use Disorder | Opioids | Relationships | Special populations | treatment

Loneliness is a readily measurable phenomenon and it predicts worse outcomes in addiction treatment on the individual and population levels. What can we do in the clinic to combat loneliness and promote social cohesion?

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Expert Q&A

Gambling and Impulsive Buying: Behavior or Addiction?

Topics: Behavioral addiction | Behavioral therapy | COVID19 | Repetitive behaviors

Dr. Potenza, an expert in behavioral addictions, defines gambling disorder and compulsive shopping. We explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted gambling and shopping behaviors, and how to approach these disorders in the clinic.

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Clinical Update

Faith and Addiction

Topics: Alcohol | Alcohol use disorder | Connections | Opioid Use Disorder | Opioids | treatment

Faith may be a protective factor against addiction, and some widely accepted treatments use faith to build recovery capacity. This article reviews the evidence for faith-based treatment and provides suggestions for incorporating faith in the clinic.

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Research Update

Is AA the Toast of the Town?

Topics: Alcohol | Alcohol use disorder | Behavioral treatment | Meta-analysis | Systematic review

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most prevalent treatments for alcohol use disorder, but claims of its effectiveness has been mired by limited evidence. This updated Cochrane meta-analysis tells a fuller story and offers suggestions for supporting patients utilizing this ubiquitous program.

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Research Update

A Timely Look at Community Reinforcement for Seniors With Unhealthy Alcohol Use

Topics: Alcohol | Alcohol use disorder | Geriatric Psychiatry | Motivational Interviewing | Psychotherapy

Interventions that combat isolation may be particularly important in the context of current physical distancing recommendations. This randomized trial tested whether community reinforcement paired with motivational enhancement therapy impacted outcomes among seniors with alcohol use disorder.

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In Brief

Under the Pandemic Influence

Topics: Addiction Treatment | COVID-19 | pandemic

Stay-at-home orders in many US states, which began in early 2020, have been associated with increased alcohol sales, particularly via online outlets. The World Health Organization issued a warning in April 2020 that alcohol use may potentially exacerbate poor health during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. How has the pandemic influenced individuals’ drinking behavior, and which groups have felt this influence the most?

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CME Post-Test

CME Post-Test - Social Aspects of Addiction, CATR, September/October 2020

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