Suicide and Non-Suicidal Self Injury (April)

Date of Issue: 04/01/2011 | Volume: 2 | Number: 3

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The Self-Injurious Patient

Topics: Brain Devices

When presented with a self-injuring patient, the first thing I try to find out is what the function of the self injury is. Is it suicidal? Did the patient want to die or think he or she might die? Often the answer is “no.”

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Black Box Redux: SSRIs and Risk of Suicide

Topics: Antidepressants | Child Psychiatry

It has been eight years since child psychiatry first began to deal with controversy about SSRIs and their potential to prompt suicidal behavior in youth.

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Expert QA

Risk Factors for Suicide

Topics: Child Psychiatry

An individual’s vulnerability to suicide is strongly influenced by genetic susceptibility to mental health problems and, notably, to mood disorders, substance abuse, anxiety disorders and antisocial and offending behaviors.

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Research Update

Attention Not a Problem in Tic Disorders

Topics: Research Updates

Children and adolescents with tic disorders (TD) very often have comorbid psychiatric diagnoses.

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Research Update

Restricted Diet for ADHD?

Topics: ADHD | Child Psychiatry | Research Updates

Advocates tout restricted diets for the treatment of everything from migraines to autism.

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