Foster Care and Child Psychiatry (September/October)

Date of Issue: 09/01/2015 | Volume: 6 | Number: 6&7

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This issue informs clinicians with a primer on the psychiatric treatment of children and adolescents in foster care. It also provides tips and guidelines for clinicians on potential psychosocial interventions and medical treatments for helping youth patients in the foster care system.

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Foster Care and Child Psychiatry: A Primer

Topics: Antipsychotics | Child Psychiatry | Free Articles | Practice Tools and Tips | Psychopharmacology Tips | Psychotherapy | PTSD

Nearly one in three foster children have significant psychiatric problems during their time in foster care—especially those related to trauma and neglect that brought them into the system. This article is a brief primer on how foster care works, and how psychiatrists get involved.

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Managing Psychotropic Treatment with Foster Children

Topics: Antipsychotics | Child Psychiatry | Psychopharmacology Tips | PTSD

In response to the rising use of psychotropic medications in Medicaid and foster care populations, some states, including California, have implemented specific guidelines. This article covers those guidelines with case examples.

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Beyond Medications: Psychosocial Methods for Helping Challenging Kids

Topics: Child Psychiatry | Psychopharmacology Tips | Psychotherapy

Foster children tend to be over-medicated. Surveys show that foster youth receive 5 times the number of psychotropic medications, frequently three or four simultaneously, as privately insured children. What else, beside medications, can we offer foster children who are often struggling with psychiatric issues and difficult and unfamiliar family environments?

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New Editor of CCPR: Glen Elliott

Topics: Child Psychiatry

We're happy to welcome Glen Elliott, MD, PhD, as the new Editor-in-Chief of the Carlat Child Psychiatry Report. Dr. Elliott is a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist with a distinguished and varied career.

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Expert Q&A

The Politics of Medicating Children: Problems and Solutions

Topics: Child Psychiatry | Psychopharmacology Tips | PTSD

Investigative journalist Karen de Sá wrote a series for the San Jose Mercury News called “Drugging Our Kids” about medication treatment of foster children. She found that almost one in four foster children between 12 and 17 were receiving a psychotropic of some kind, and 62% were receiving an antipsychotic. Her reporting spurred the California legislature to pass several laws designed to discourage the excessive use of psychotropics in foster children.

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