Antidepressant Use in Children (November/December)

Date of Issue: 11/01/2015 | Volume: 6 | Number: 8

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This issue covers the assessment and diagnosis of depressive disorders in children and adolescents as well as latest on pharmacologic management, specifically antidepressant use.

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Diagnosing Depression in Children and Adolescents

Topics: Child Psychiatry | Depressive Disorder | Free Articles

Today, the idea that adolescents and children, even young children, can have a major depressive disorder is widely accepted. This article presents a series of case studies to illustrate ways of evaluating depression in children.

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Antidepressants and Suicidal Ideation in Young People: A Practical Approach

Topics: Antidepressants | Child Psychiatry | Depressive Disorder

In October of 2004, the FDA announced to drug companies that they should add black-box warnings about the risk of suicidal behavior in children and adolescents started on antidepressants. How have these black-box warnings affected clinical practice over the past decade?

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Expert Q&A

Antidepressant Use in Children and Teenagers

Topics: Antidepressants | Child Psychiatry | Depressive Disorder | Free Articles | Practice Tools and Tips | Psychopharmacology Tips

This Expert Q&A covers key things that John Walkup, MD, looks for in child and adolescent patients with depression to determine how they are likely to respond to different kinds of medication.

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