ADHD in Children and Adolescents (November/December)

Date of Issue: 11/01/2018 | Volume: 9 | Number: 8

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How do we think about the future of kids with ADHD? This issue includes an Expert Q&A with Dr. Mark Katz with a hopeful approach to that question, as well as a quick look at a newly released overnight ADHD medication.

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Note From the Editor-in-Chief

Topics: ADHD | Child Psychiatry

In this issue we tackle a range of challenges, including differentiating ADHD from bipolar disorder, understanding suicide risk in college students, managing assertions about the safety of weed, and assessing and treating violent behavior in our patients.

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Evaluating and Treating Co-Occurring ADHD and Bipolar Disorder

Topics: ADHD | Bipolar Disorder | Child Psychiatry

Early into the evaluation of a 10-year-old boy, you note the following symptoms: inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, sleep problems, racing thoughts, and moodiness. The boy’s parents came to your office convinced that their son has ADHD, but thinking through the case, you recognize that the same symptoms could signal bipolar disorder (BD).

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Expert Q&A

Becoming Successful Despite ADHD

Topics: ADHD | Psychotherapy | Registered Articles

There is still confusion about ADHD, especially the name itself. People with ADHD can pay attention well when they’re interested in what they’re doing. Not knowing this, it’s easy to see why so many people still don’t believe the condition is real.

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Assessing and Treating Violence in Patients

Topics: Child Psychiatry | Practice Tools and Tips

School shootings keep happening in the US, and most of us have wondered at times whether one of our patients might carry out a violent act, shooting or otherwise. This article will help you assess and treat violent youth and advise families who are grappling with these issues.

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Research Update

Is Cannabis Bad for Cognition?

Topics: Free Articles | Research Update | Substance Abuse

Our patients typically tell us that, according to the internet, weed is perfectly safe and does not affect their ability to think or function. Thirty states and the District of Columbia have laws legalizing cannabis, supporting the notion that people have begun to think of marijuana as relatively harmless.

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News of Note

Jornay PM Nighttime Stimulant for Next-Morning Effect

Topics: ADHD | News of Note | Sleep Disorders

Prescribing bedtime stimulants sounds like a recipe for a bad night’s sleep. But the FDA recently approved Jornay PM, which is an extended release (ER) formulation of methylphenidate that is, in fact, dosed at night.

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CME Post-Test

CME Post-Test - ADHD in Children and Adolescents, CCPR, November/December 2018

Topics: CME Post-Test

The post-test for this issue is available for one year after the publication date to subscribers only. By successfully completing the test you will be awarded a certificate for 1 CME credit.

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