Mood and Menopause (October)

Date of Issue: 10/01/2020 | Volume: 18 | Number: 10

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Dr. Ruta Nonacs names the antidepressants that work best for menopausal depression and when to move to hormonal therapies. Trintellix ventures into new therapeutic directions. Guanfacine ER goes generic, but lets out one last industry-sponsored study that changes its use. A meta-analysis searches for the most tolerable mood stabilizer.

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Clinical Update

Keeping Up With Trintellix

Topics: Antidepressants | Cognition | Cognitive Decline | Negative Symptoms | Pharmacology | Pharmacology Tips | Psychopharmacology | Psychopharmacology Tips | Sexual Dysfunction | Sexual Side Effects | Trintellix | Vortioxetine

Not satisfied with its claim to improve cognitive features of depression, Trintellix has ventured into new therapeutic arenas. Sometimes with success, sometimes with failure, we review where this novel antidepressant stands in schizophrenia, anxiety, cognitive decline, ADHD, sexual dysfunction, and binge eating disorder.

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Expert Q&A

Mood and Menopause

Topics: Antidepressants | Citalopram | Depressive Disorder | Effexor | Escitalopram | Female Issues in Psychiatry | Fluoxetine | gabapentin | Gender | Hormone Replacement Therapy | Oral Contraceptives | Prozac | Serotonin Specific Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) | SSRIs | Women’s Issues in Psychiatry

Ruta Nonacs names the antidepressants that work best for menopausal depression and when to move to hormonal therapies. And for adolescents and young adults, she tells us which birth control pills are least likely to worsen mood.

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Research Update

Mood Stabilizers: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Them

Topics: Antipsychotics | Aripiprazole | Asenapine | Bipolar Depression | Bipolar Disorder | Bipolar II | Cariprazine | Lithium | Lurasidone | Mania | Medication adherence | Mood Stabilizers | olanzapine | Oxcarbazepine | Pharmacology | Pharmacology Tips | Psychopharmacology | Psychopharmacology Tips | Quetiapine | Research | Research Update | Risperidone | safety | Saphris | Side Effects

There are many mood stabilizers to choose from, but which ones are the best tolerated? This meta-analysis looks at how they stack up in terms of weight gain, sedation, and overall discontinuation.

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Research Update

Guanfacine ER for Adults With ADHD?

Topics: ADHD | Alpha Agonists | attention | Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder | Guanfacine | Pharmacology | Psychopharmacology | Research Update

Children and adults respond differently to medications for ADHD. This first-of-its-kind trial tested out the pediatric-approved guanfacine ER (Intuniv) in adult ADHD.

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CME Post-Test

CME Post-Test - Mood and Menopause, TCPR, October 2020

Topics: CME Post-Test

The post-test for this issue is available for one year after the publication date to subscribers. By successfully completing the test you will be awarded a certificate for 1 CME credit.

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