Issues in Psychopharmacology (April)

Date of Issue: 04/01/2014 | Volume: 12 | Number: 4

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The Facts on Tardive Dyskinesia

Topics: Psychopharmacology Tips

We’re all aware that neuroleptics and other dopamine-receptor blocking agents (DRBAs) can cause a variety of movement disorders, often referred to as extrapyramidal syndromes (EPS).

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Expert Q&A

Psychodynamic Psychopharmacology

David Mintz, MD, explains how psychodynamic psychopharmacology considers patients’ individuality in making treatment decisions.

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Research Update

Has Research Found a Reliable Depression Biomarker in Boys?

Topics: Depressive Disorder | Research Updates

A major obstacle in the prevention of depression is the lack of a predictive biomarker in individuals who later develop the disorder. British researchers have shown that the combination of a physiological biomarker—salivary cortisol—and the presence of depressive symptoms might be used to predict the development of major depression in adolescents.

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News of Note

Stem-Cell Research Reveals Differences in Bipolar Disorder Neurons

Topics: Bipolar Disorder | News of Note

A team of scientists from the University of Michigan Medical School studied a line of stem cells derived from patients with bipolar disorder to determine what, if any, differences could be found between these and the cells of people without the disorder.

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