Biomarkers in Psychiatry (May)

Date of Issue: 05/01/2015 | Volume: 13 | Number: 5

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In the brave new world of high tech psychiatry, companies are touting blood and saliva testing as a shortcut to diagnosis and making treatment decisions. TCPR is skeptical, and we show you why. We also get the scoop from Professor James Coyne on how you can evaluate whether or not the latest biomarker studies are worth their weight in print.

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Transcribed Web Chat

Transcribed Web Chat: What should you know about psychiatric genetic testing?

Topics: Genetics and Psychiatry

In October, 2015, The Boston Globe ran an article that picked up on The Carlat Psychiatry Report's coverage of the GeneSight test. It's a promising technology, but the marketing has leap-frogged ahead of the science.

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Using Psychiatric Biomarkers in your Practice

Topics: Addiction | Diagnostic Testing | Genetics and Psychiatry | Laboratory Testing in Psychiatry | Practice Tools and Tips

Choosing the “right” treatment for a given patient involves a large number of factors, including personal preference—both the clinician’s and the patient’s. Is there a better way?

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The GeneSight Genetic Test: A Review of the Evidence

Topics: Diagnostic Testing | Genetics and Psychiatry | Pharmaceutical Industry | Practice Tools and Tips

Assurex Health recently sent me an email inviting me to dine at Legal Seafood to learn about “Clinical Applications of Psychiatric Pharmacogenetics.” I didn’t go, but increasingly I am hearing from colleagues about their experiences at these dinner programs: “What do you think about this GeneSight test? The data looked pretty impressive at this dinner.”

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Expert Q&A

How to Evaluate the Methodology of Biomarker Studies

Topics: Addiction | Genetics and Psychiatry | Laboratory Testing in Psychiatry | Practice Tools and Tips

Get advice on how to evaluate the methodology of biomarker studies in an interview with James Coyne, PhD, clinical health psychologist, professor emeritus of in the psychiatry with University of Pennsylvania and professor of health psychology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

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