Pain Management (September)

Date of Issue: 09/01/2016 | Volume: 14 | Number: 9

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Many psychiatrists still aren't clear on what their role should be when it comes to a patient's pain management. In this issue, we'll talk about that role, and provide advice and recommendations. Specifically, we go in depth on managing pain using a cognitive behavioral therapy approach.

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Managing Pain: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapist’s Approach

Patients with both chronic pain and psychiatric issues often see a psychiatrist and a therapist, and are taking both psychotropic and pain medications. This article describes how psychologists conceptualize the treatment of chronic pain and provide some tips for how you, as a busy prescriber, can leverage some successful techniques.

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Tales from the History of Psychiatry: Opium, an Ancient Psychotropic

Topics: Addiction | Substance Abuse

These days, opiates are primarily prescribed to treat pain. But there is a long history of using opiates to treat depression and other mental illness.

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Expert Q&A

Evaluating and Treating Pain in Psychiatric Patients

Topics: Addiction | Practice Tools and Tips | Psychopharmacology Tips | Psychotherapy | Substance Abuse

Many chronic pain patients are dealing with psychiatric problems. Pain patients have tremendously high rates of major depressive disorder which is undertreated and underdiagnosed. It's easy to assume that the depression is a reaction to living with chronic pain, but in fact it’s often the other way around. Dr. Michael Robert Clark describes evaluations and treatment methods clinicians can use to address pain management with their patients.

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Research Update

Treating Complicated Grief: Grief-Focused Psychotherapy Is More Effective Than Citalopram

Topics: Depressive Disorder | DSM | Psychopharmacology Tips | Research Update

While there is some overlap with major depression, complicated grief has core symptoms of yearning and sorrow and great difficulty accepting the reality of death. It’s one of the more controversial proposed DSM disorders, with critics seeing it as medicalizing a normal human experience.

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