Pharmacogenetics (March)

Date of Issue: 03/01/2017 | Volume: 15 | Number: 3

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Pharmacogenetics in psychiatry is multifaceted, and can be a valuable tool on both the diagnostic and reserach fronts. It can help us provide a "personalized medication approach" for patients. In this issue, we look at how pharmacogenetics testing can help us determine a patient's metabolizer reponse to specific psychiatric medications, and how research in the area of genetic testing is changing our approaches to diagnoses and treatment.

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Pharmacogenetic Testing: An Update

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Given how many essentially equivalent medications we have to choose from, how great would it be to have a test that tells us which drug to prescribe for which patient? Everybody wants personalized medicine, and in some other specialties, such as oncology, this is becoming a standard part of treatment. In this article, we’ll review some of the basics of pharmacogenetic testing and examine in more detail the commercial genetic tests that are currently available.

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Expert Q&A

Understanding Pharmacogenetics Research

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The basic goal of this kind of research is to try to find an association between a genetic variant and the clinical response to a particular medication. Given that there are dozens of medications to choose from for any given disorder, it would be very helpful if we could do a genetic test that would tell us which drug is the best for a particular patient.

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Research Update

Switching Antidepressants May Be No Better Than Staying the Course

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Complementary and alternative medicine is gradually becoming more mainstream, and we covered some of these treatments in a recent issue of TCPR, but we didn’t cover yoga and meditation. Sudarshan Kriya yoga (SKY) is a meditation technique that combines yoga poses, sitting meditation, and breathing exercises.

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