Telepsychiatry (May)

Date of Issue: 05/01/2020 | Volume: 18 | Number: 5

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How to create meaningful interactions through telepsychiatry (on a budget). Antidepressant dosing tips for trazodone. A three step strategy for constipation, and why this side effect is causing more fatalities on clozapine than neutropenia. It poses risks with other psych meds as well.

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In Brief

In Brief

Brief rundown of the issue contents.

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Clinical Update

Trazodone: The Forgotten Antidepressant

Topics: Antidepressants | Depression | Depressive Disorder | extended-release | Pharmacology Tips | Psychopharmacology | Psychopharmacology Tips | Trazodone

Trazodone is rarely used as an antidepressant, and that’s a missed opportunity. It lacks the weight gain, sleep disruption, and sexual side effects that so many antidepressants cause. In this article are two important dosing tips that can make it work better.

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Expert Q&A

Telepsychiatry: From Crisis to Opportunity

Topics: Billing | Computers in Psychiatric Practice | Coronavirus | COVID19 | HIPAA | Practice Tools and Tips | Psychiatric interviewing | Skype | Telemed

“Don’t think of it as telepsychiatry, think of it as a home visit,” says Peter Yellowlees as he teaches us how to create more meaningful interactions through the digital screen. Dr. Yellowlees covers many of the dicey details of this medium: Involuntary hospitalization, interstate regulations, medical notes, billing, and how to set up the equipment on a budget are all inside.

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Clinical Update

A Potentially Lethal Side Effect You Probably Never Heard Of

Topics: Clozapine | FDA Warnings | Free Articles | Management | Psychosis | Schizophrenia

The FDA recently raised alerts about a potentially fatal side effect on clozapine that’s causing more fatalities than neutropenia. It’s constipation, and the problem extends to a few other psychotropics as well. In this article, a three step, evidence-based algorithm for managing it.

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Research Update

Study Ignites Controversy Over Trazodone and Suicide

Topics: Hypnotics | Research Update | Suicidality | Trazodone

When researchers at the Department of Veteran Affairs found a 61% increase in suicide attempts when veterans took trazodone vs. zolpidem for sleep, the story made headlines. We tease apart the strengths and weaknesses of this 350,000 subject study to see what the real risk is.

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CME Post-Test

CME Post-Test - Telepsychiatry, TCPR, May 2020

Topics: CME Post-Test

The post-test for this issue is available for one year after the publication date to subscribers. By successfully completing the test you will be awarded a certificate for 1 CME credit.

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