Mind-Gut Connection (January)

Date of Issue: 01/01/2021 | Volume: 19 | Number: 1

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Ted Dinan weighs in on whether probiotics are ready for practice in depression. Lamotrigine’s (Lamictal) niche in bipolar disorder is clarified, and buspirone (Buspar) gets a full review. Plus, new data on the link between blood pressure medications and depression, benzodiazepines and dementia, and the best way to switch from one antipsychotic to another in schizophrenia.

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Clinical Update

How to Use Lamotrigine

Topics: Bipolar Depression | Bipolar Disorder | Bipolar II | Borderline Personality Disorder | BPD | Hypomania | Lamictal | Lamotrigine | Medication | Mood Stabilizers | OCD | Pharmacology | Psychopharmacology

Lamotrigine is approved for the prevention of bipolar episodes, but Dr. Aiken explains why it may also treat active bipolar depression. This mood stabilizer is among the most tolerable in its class, and has additional benefits in OCD, borderline personality disorder, and depersonalization disorder.

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Expert Q&A

Probiotics in Psychiatry

Topics: Alternative treatments | C-Reactive Protein | Complementary treatments | CRP | Depression | Depressive Disorder | Exercise | Inflammation | Mind-Gut Connection | Natural Medications | natural treatments | Nutrition | Obesity

The gut microbiome is one of the newest entries in the list of causes of depression. Ted Dinan explains how the bacteria in the GI tract influence the brain, and whether a probiotic or a lifestyle change is the best way to address it.

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Research Update

Rest Easy: Benzos, Z-Drugs, and Dementia

Topics: Anxiety | Benzodiazepines | Dementia | Deprescribing | Generalized Anxiety Disorder | Geriatric Psychiatry | Hypnotics

It may not be perfect, but this study has the best data yet on the controversial link between benzodiazepines and dementia.

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Research Update

Beta Blockers and Depression: The Controversy Revisited

Topics: Alpha Agonists | Beta-blockers | Guanfacine | Medical Comorbidities | Research Update

There is an age-old debate about whether blood pressure medications cause depression. This study is one of the largest to tackle the issue, and it suggests this risk may be limited to one class of antihypertensives in particular.

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In Brief

The Queen’s Gambit

A seven-hour series about chess tournaments doesn’t sound like a blockbuster, but The Queen’s Gambit is currently the #1 show on Netflix. The show makes a bold opening move by casting a woman in the role of the young champion—an unlikely choice, but one that stands on strong empiric ground.

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CME Post-Test

CME Post-Test - Mind-Gut Connection, TCPR, January 2021

Topics: CME Post-Test

The post-test for this issue is available for one year after the publication date to subscribers. By successfully completing the test you will be awarded a certificate for 1 CME credit.

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