Living With Mental Illness (March)

Date of Issue: 03/01/2022 | Volume: 20 | Number: 3

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New research suggests most omega-3s have the wrong formulation, and we show you how and when to use them. Dr. Margaret Chisolm describes an assessment tool developed at Johns Hopkins that blends the DSM with other perspectives in psychiatry. The FDA has cleared the first prescription insomnia app, and we detail how (and whether) to use it.

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Expert Q&A

Mental Illness and Flourishing

Topics: Depression | Mood | Personality Disorders | Psychotherapy

Dr. Margaret Chisolm shares how she and many of her colleagues at Johns Hopkins have found success in working with patients through a unique yet workable lens.

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Clinical Update

How to Prescribe Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Topics: Antidepressant Augmentation | Complimentary Medicine | Free Articles | Mood | Natural Medications | natural treatments | Nutrition | Omega-3 | Research | Supplements

Omega-3s are effective as augmentation of mood stabilizers in bipolar depression, and in some cases, they improve negative symptoms in early schizophrenia. The research is vast, but we narrow down when and how to use omega-3s in real-world practice.

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Clinical Update

A Prescription App for Insomnia

Topics: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) | Health Apps | Sleep Disorders

Psychiatrists can now prescribe a cognitive behavioral therapy app that takes basic therapy one step further with digital adaptions to improve insomnia, sleep apnea, and mood.

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Research Update

Vitamin B6 Lowers Prolactin on Antipsychotics

Topics: Antipsychotics | double blind | Prolactin | Randomized controlled trial | RCT | Schizophrenia | Vitamin B6

Higher antipsychotic doses are more likely to elevate prolactin. Enter: Vitamin B6.

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Research Update

Oral Zuranolone for Postpartum Depression

Topics: Depression | Postpartum Depression | Randomized controlled trial | steroids | Women’s Issues in Psychiatry

If approved, this alternative to IV brexanolone will be a more practical option for treating PPD.

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A Longer Acting Lorazepam

Topics: Anxiety | Anxiety Disorder | Benzodiazepines | extended-release | Sleep

The straight facts on Loreev, a new extended-release formulation of lorazepam (Ativan).

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CME Post-Test - Living With Mental Illness, TCPR, March 2022

Topics: CME Post-Test

The post-test for this issue is available for one year after the publication date to subscribers. By successfully completing the test you will be awarded a certificate for 1 CME credit.

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