The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy (September)

Date of Issue: 09/01/2010 | Volume: 8 | Number: 9

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How Do Psychotherapy and Medication Change the Brain?

Topics: Depressive Disorder | Diagnostic Testing | Free Articles | OCD | Psychotherapy

We know that for many conditions, both medications and psychotherapy work about equally well. Common sense would dictate that there is some final common pathway of neuropsychiatric change underlying the symptomatic improvements we see. But identifying what is happening in a living human brain is extremely tricky.

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Expert QA

The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

Topics: Psychotherapy

About 20 years ago, I was very interested in working with adults who suffered trauma as children, especially those from cult situations or with sadistic parents. From there I became interested in memory and how the brain organizes information.

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Research Update

Depression and Suicide Attempts Over Time

Topics: Depressive Disorder

Suicide remains impossible to predict, though there have been no shortage of retrospective studies attempting to guide us.

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Research Update

Fluoxetine May Prevent Relapse After Bipolar II Depressive Episode

Topics: Bipolar Disorder | Depressive Disorder

The debate over whether patients with bipolar disorder benefit from antidepressants rages on.

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Research Update

Depakote for Acute Bipolar Depression? Maybe

Topics: Bipolar Disorder

Treatments for acute bipolar depression are clearly less than ideal. Antidepressants have often shown little benefit for this indication.

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