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How to Set Behavioral Goals in the Med Visit

Do you see patients who have no motivation to do anything? Michael Posternak has a novel strategy for working with this depressive symptom during the medication visit. Also, the word of the day: delirium mussitans. Published On: 11/9/2020 Duration: 17 minutes, 8 seconds Article Referenced: "Brief Therapy During the Medication Visit," The Carlat Psychiatry Report, [...]

The Metformin Recall

The FDA keeps recalling medications for contamination with NDMA, and the contamination was recently found in the first-line antidote for antipsychotic weight gain: metformin. Published On: 11/2/2020 Duration: 13 minutes, 13 seconds Transcript: Welcome to the Carlat Psychiatry Podcast, keeping psychiatry honest since 2003. I’m Chris Aiken, the editor in chief of the Carlat Report. And I’m [...]

How to use Guanfacine and Clonidine

We take you through the story of rational drug discovery that lead to the approval of guanfacine and clonidine for ADHD, and share some tips on how to use them. And the word of the day: Dyssymbole. Published On: 10/26/2020 Duration: 19 minutes, 55 seconds Article Referenced: "Guanfacine ER for Adults With ADHD?" The Carlat [...]

How to Minimize Lithium’s Side Effects

Nausea, tremor, cognition, and renal function. We bring you our top tips for managing these side effects, including when to use instant release vs. controlled release and how to optimize the serum level for patient safety. Published On: 9/7/2020 Duration: 20 minutes, 30 seconds Transcript: Lithium. The word conjures up thoughts of toxicity, dangerous drug [...]

Navigating the World of Mental Health Apps

Many mental health apps can be problematic “because most of the apps that are available are poorly designed and lack research support.” Dr. Torous discusses these apps in an article from The Carlat Psychiatry Report. Here is some of his advise: Assessing Mental Health Apps: Privacy. Determine if the app has a privacy policy. Many [...]