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The Mental Toll of Quarantine

How did the rate of depression triple over a single month in 2020? In this episode you’ll learn how to distinguish clinical depression from normal stress, so you’re better prepared to take care of the 1 in 3 U.S. adults who are currently endorsing the DSM criteria. [Study Link] Published On: 9/28/2020 Duration: 22 minutes, [...]

In Memoriam: Hagop Akiskal and the Bipolar Spectrum

DSM-5 has adopted many of the concepts from Hagop Akiskal’s Bipolar Spectrum, but not in the way he had planned. Here we trace his thinking back to the early 1970’s, when Dr. Akiskal reshaped the way we think about depression by blurring the boundary between stress-induced and biological depression. Published On: 3/15/2021 Duration: 26 minutes, 19 seconds [...]

COVID, Benzos, and Opioids

Overdose deaths have been rising during COVID, but simply stopping the drug causes problems of its own. In this episde, Ashwin Patkar and Richard Weisler discuss how to reduce the risk of opioid deaths in psychiatric patients. Their Current Psychiatry article on the subject is here. Published On: 3/28/21 Duration: 26 minutes, 50 seconds Rough Transcript: [...]

Perimenopausal Depression

We interview Ruta Nunacs on perimenopausal depression, and our word of the day – processomania – brings us into the crosshairs of politics and psychiatry. Published On: 10/18/20 Duration: 24 minutes, 42 seconds Article Referenced: "Mood and Menopause," The Carlat Psychiatry Podcast, October 2020 Rough Transcript: Dr. Aiken: Women have twice the risk of depression as men. But [...]