Addiction Treatment Bundle – 16 CME


A Practical Guide to Addiction Treatment
PLUS a Year Subscription to The Carlat Addiction Treatment Report
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Are you referring most of your substance using patients to addiction clinics, where they are “lost to follow up”? After reading these 14 brief chapters covering the major substances of abuse (general topics such as how to order drug screens, how 12 step programs work, and how to quickly diagnose and assess the severity of a substance use problem), you will know so much about how to manage these patients that you’ll want to start treating them yourself. And there’s no better feeling than helping patients pull their lives together when an addiction is causing things to spiral out of control. Comes with an 8 CME post-test. View free PDF of sample pages.

PLUS! A full year online subscription to The Carlat Addiction Treatment Report. For over 6 years, this independent publication has offered doctors an unbiased, unsponsored overview of significant issues affecting clinical practice. Written in plain English, The Carlat Addiction Treatment Report helps you improve your practice with straightforward, honest assessments of the latest treatment methods, research updates, practice tips, expert interviews and more. As a subscriber you have full access to 8 CME credit post-tests immediately, and full searchable access to the newsletter’s archives.

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