Carlat Webinar CME Subscription


Carlat Psychiatry Webinars are half-hour video presentations on critical treatment areas in psychiatry from leading clinical experts. Each webinar includes learning objectives, a full transcript, a list of studies referenced, and a brief CME post-test. Each year Webinars will allow you to earn up to 10 CME credits.

Upcoming webinars include:

  • “Methylphenidate vs Amphetamine” with Chris Aiken, MD
  • “How to Select a Stimulant Formulation” with Chris Aiken, MD
  • “How to Diagnose Bipolar Disorder” with Chris Aiken, MD
  • “Using SAMe in Clinical Practice” with Garrett Rossi, MD
  • “ECT: Update and Comprehensive Review” with Steve Seiner, MD
  • “Management of Depression in Pregnancy and the Postpartum” with Victoria Hendrick, MD

Here’s how it works.

  • Purchase the Webinar Subscription on this page.
  • The Carlat Psychiatry Webinar Page will appear on your My Account page under “My Books and Courses.” That gives you access to all the available webinars
  • Once you’re enrolled you will receive email notifications when new webinars are released.
  • As you complete episodes, CME credit will be added to a printable transcript page that you can also get to through the Carlat Psychiatry Webinar Page